Monday 11 February 1822 | State Library of New South Wales

Monday 11 February 1822 by Governor Lachlan Macquarie (1761-1824).
Ref: A774 (pp. 258-60)

From Governor Lachlan Macquarie Journal, 1818-1822.

Bungaree's Farm was soon abandoned by its Aboriginal 'settlers'.

With great optimism, in 1822 Governor Macquarie built new huts and arranged for his successor, Sir Thomas Brisbane, to provide Bungaree with a fishing boat and nets. On the day before his departure for England in February 1822, Macquarie and Elizabeth went to Georges Head to visit their old friend Bungaree for the last time.

Aboriginal people preferred to sleep under the stars rather than in European huts. Naval surgeon Peter Cunningham recorded Bungaree's reply to the question, 'how he liked the houses?' - 'Murry boodgeree [very good], massa, 'pose he rain.'