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Nouvelle-Hollande. Oui-Ré-Kine. [Worogan] by Barthelemy Roger (1767-1841) after Nicolas-Martin Petit (1777-1804).
Ref: F980/P Atlas [1811], plate XXI

From Voyage de découvertes aux terres Australes by François Péron, 1811.

In an entry about family relationships, William Dawes included Wárrgan (Crow) with Bennelong's sisters, Wariwéar (Warreeweer) and Karangarang. Wárrgan might have been a half-sister or other relative of Bennelong. Elsewhere she was referred to as 'Worogan', here sketched by Nicolas-Martin Petit as 'Oui-Ré-Kine'.

Worogan married Yeranibe (Euranabie), son of Maugoran and Goorooberra. Worogan and Yeranibe sailed with Lieutenant James Grant to Jervis Bay and beyond on the Lady Nelson in 1801. In The Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery ... (London, 1803-04), Grant said that Yeranibe 'spoke English tolerably well ... Worogan ... spoke English. She had always lived in the neighbourhood of Sydney.