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Flour bag labels

This unique collection includes a range of individual designs for flour bag labels which have been screen printed onto separate sheets, and represent the 'trade mark' graphics of approximately seventeen companies. Many of the designs feature both the company and brand name, while others include only the brand. Some the prints also incorporate the destination of the product, including Hong Kong, Malaya, Singapore and Bangkok and Glasgow.  These designs date from before World War II and may have been test prints prior to production of the bags.

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The companies represented in this collection include: Bruntons, J.A. Hemphill, Gillespie Brothers, Allsopps, W.K. Lee & Co, Edwin Davey & Sons, E. G. Barker, Bowden Bros., Cornabe-Eckford and Co., Guthries, Hock Lam Leong, Kanematsu, Mungo Scott, Oveco, Silvester's, Sydney Milling Company and Wise Bros.

The brand names include: Aeroplane, Ang Maya, Banana, Bandoda, Bat, BBB, Bittern, Blue Bird, Buffalo, Bull, Butterfly, Canary, Carriage, Chedi, Commander, Condesa, Crane, Dice, Double Arrow, Dreadnought, Elephant, Escutchion, Fan, Fighting Cock, Flag Green, Flamingo, Fruit Basket, Girl & Dragon, Goat, Gold Plate, Golden Eagle, Golden Green Arch, Gum, Guardian, Hand, Harvest Girl, Haystack, Jai-Alai, Jonquil, Junk, Key, Kris and Sheath, La Paz, La Dormeuse, Light, Lion, Lotus, Moon, Old Mill, Orchid, Oveco, Palm Tree, Parachute, Peony Flower, Prawn and Dragon, Puritan, Racehorse, Red Giraffe, Relief, San Toy, Santa Baguio, Scythe, Sea King, Silver Shield, Silvester's (Red Fern Mild Cured Bacon), Stag, Stork, Sydney Milling Company, (Bakers Boy), Tjap Ketoprak, Thevada, Three Finches, Zodiac, Triangle, Tuberose, Two Boys, Warbler, Warship, Waterfall, Wise Bros (Purity - 2 designs) and Yacht.

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