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Community events

Community events are a way of bringing local people together and boosting morale in rural areas. Particularly for isolated families, recreational events are an opportunity to connect with neighbours and offer a much needed social outlet for rural folk. Weddings, dances, concerts, picnic races and sporting events - are often an opportunity for locals to get dressed in their finest, exchange gossip and enjoy a respite from the hardworking year.

“The late bounteous season has put the people in good heart” (Agricultural Shows - Cootamundra, SMH, 17 Sept 1913)

At Cootamundra Show, 1913
At Cootamundra Show, Cootamundra, NSW, 1913, by Laker & Co., Sydney.
Photograph. At Work & Play collection. bcp_01239

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More organized events such as local shows, processions or commemorative events involve the whole community in activities. ‘Back to town’ events, popular in the first half of the 20th century, were a way to celebrate an area's achievements and encourage former residents to return home for the festivities, which usually included street parades, sporting demonstrations and carnival events.

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