Squatter's map | State Library of New South Wales

Squatter's map

Known as 'the Squatter's Map', this highly detailed engraved chart of New South Wales was drawn up in 1837, by the surveyor and explorer Robert Dixon (1800-1858). It shows the acreages of land granted and sold in the colony up to June 1836, with the added advantage that each landholding is annotated with the name of the owner of the property. 

As the earliest attempt to make a comprehensive graphic list of the individuals responsible for the spread of settlement across the state, it provides a unique record of the appropriated lands of the colony of New South Wales in a beautifully rendered yet practical format - it could be folded to fit into the pocket - to create an eminently 'collectible' work of art that is useful both for reference and display.

To this day, the Squatter's Map continues to provide family historians and researchers with a rich source of information about people and places in nineteenth-century NSW.   

Map of the Colony of New South Wales..., 1837, London. Drawn by Robert Dixon. Engraved by J & C Walker. MT4 811/1837/1 copy 3