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Further reading


Darwin Correspondence Project
The online database contains around 14500 entries which summarise the contents of all the known surviving letters written both by and to Charles Darwin.

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online
This site contains Darwin's complete publications, thousands of handwritten manuscripts and the largest Darwin bibliography and manuscript catalogue ever published; also hundreds of supplementary works: biographies, obituaries, reviews, reference works and more. Darwin Online contains over 43,000 pages of searchable text and 150,000 electronic images.

Late Night Live (ABC) -  Interview with Paul White
Radio presenter Philip Adams interviews Paul White, Research Associate, Darwin Correspondence Project Lecturer in history and the philosophy of science Cambridge University. 

The Descent of Man (ABC)
This website complements the Radio National series The Descent of Man.  The site takes you through modern applications of Darwin’s theory and discusses social evolution and evolutionary psychology.  The radio program and transcripts can be downloaded from the website.

The Religion Report (ABC) – Interview with Charles Birch
This is a transcript from the Radio National program The Religion Report.  Stephen Crittenden interviews Australian scientist-theologian, Charles Birch on the debate between evolutionists and creationists.

BBC Science and Environment News
This website is part of the BBC Science and Environment news site.  Navigate around the site using the tabs at the top of the page.  The site discusses Darwin’s influence on today’s scientists and has information on the Galapagos Islands, one of Darwin’s key influences in his theory of evolution.

The Open University (UK)
Open2.net is an information portal from The Open University and the BBC.  It provides links to information on Charles Darwin and his theories and includes online debates and expert views.

BBC - Topics
This website is part of the Topics section on the BBC website.  Includes links to a biography on Charles Darwin and an interview with one of Darwin’s staunchest defenders, Professor Richard Dawkins.

Natural History Museum (UK) - Evolution
This web page is part of the Natural History Museum in the UK.  This section looks various aspects of evolution including how the theory developed and the evidence behind it.

Natural History Museum (UK) – Alfred Russell Wallace
This section of the Natural History Museum’s website looks at Darwin’s contemporary and co-discoverer of evolutionary theory Alfred Russel Wallace. This collection brings together letters, notes, articles as well as some insect specimens collected by Wallace that highlight the significance of his work.

Natural History Museum (UK) – Darwin Exhibition
This web page is a companion to the Natural History Museum’s Darwin Big Idea Big Exhibition.  The page has links to aspects of Darwin’s life and work and includes an interactive voyage on the HMS Beagle highlighting Darwin’s observations and discoveries.

Further Reading

A list of items held at the State Library can be viewed by searching the online catalogue.

You may be able to borrow these books through your local library.

These include:
Jones, Steve, Darwin’s Ghost, Random House, New York, 1999
State Reference Library N576.82/9
The well-known geneticist Steve Jones has drawn on our ever-expanding scientific knowledge and the brilliant logic set out in The Origin (of Species) to restate evolution's case for the twenty-first century.'

Løvtrup, Søren, Darwinism: The Refutation of a Myth Published, Croom Helm, London, 1987 This book offers a critical look at the history of evolution and Charles Darwin’s place in it.  It gives an analysis of the ideas of neglected figures in evolutionary theory and exposes some of the limitations of Darwin’s theory.

Darwin, Charles edited by Glick, Thomas F., and Kohn, David, On Evolution: The Development of the Theory of Natural Selection, Hackett Publishing Company Indianapolis/Cambridge, 1996 State Reference Library N575.0162/49
'In this rich selection from Darwin's most important and relevant works, Glick and Kohn provide the reader with a map of sorts by which to navigate the ins and outs of the development of the theory of natural selection.'

Databases from home for residents of NSW

You can access a selection of electronic databases from offsite for the purpose of individual research. To sign up go to: http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/using/membership/

Electronic databases often contain the full text of current and historical newspapers, magazines and journals. 

The following articles are available from ProQuest 5000

Ehrenberg, Rachel, Evolutions Evolution, Science News, January 31, 2009. Vol. 175, Iss. 3; pg. 21, Science Service, Washington D.C
Charles Darwin had an interdisciplinary approach to evolutionary biology.  In this article the author discusses the importance of this approach and relates Darwin’s central ideas to the modern world. 

Quammen, David, Darwin’s Big Idea, National Geographic, November 2004, Vol. 206, Iss. 5; pg. 3, National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C.
In this article the author relates Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution to human welfare, medical science and an understanding of the world.