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Heritage Collection 2008

This year's displays include more fabulous, rare and significant items all of great value to the understanding of New South Wales life.

Still on show are the glorious 17th century maps of Jean Bleau, and the beautiful samples of tapa cloth brought back to Europe by members of Captain James Cook's voyages of the late Eighteenth Century.

New to the display are images from Aurora Australis, the first book written, printed, bound and published in Antarctica. During the winter of 1908 men from Sir Ernest Shackleton's National Antarctic Expedition avoided the boredom of the long Antarctic winter by working on this historic volume.

Bookmaking is also represented this year in the display, beginning in October 2008 of artists books. These wonderful pieces are books made by artists and in themselves are rich works of art.

Another anniversary celebrated later in 2008 is the famous Burns-Johnson Boxing match. On Boxing day 1908, Jack Johnson a skilled African American fought and defeated Tommy Burns at a stadium in Rushcutter's Bay, Sydney. It was the first time a black boxer had won the prestigious heavyweight championship of the world.

One of the finest representations of ancient Egyptian art stemmed from Napoleon's invasion of Egypt in 1798. From 1809, the richly illustrated Description de L'Egypte was published to wide acclaim.

Enjoy this year's Treasures at the Nelson Meers Foundation Heritage Collection.

Open: 1 January 2008 – 31 December 2008
Galleries, Mitchell Wing
State Library opening hours
Admission: Free

Presented by the Nelson Meers Foundation

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