STUDIO: Australian painters photographed by R.Ian Lloyd | State Library of New South Wales

STUDIO: Australian painters photographed by R. Ian Lloyd

STUDIO is a book, video and exhibition project that has been underway since 2002 and showcases a selection of Australia's most important artists working in their studio environment - the accompanying text reveals how each studio affects and inspires individual creativity.

The exhibition consists of 61 large colour photographic studies of the artists in their studios by National Geographic photographer R Ian Lloyd accompanied with text by John McDonald, art critic for The Sydney Morning Herald and former Head of Australian Art at the National Gallery of Australia.

'One of the most compelling aspects of Lloyd's photographs is the great mass of detailed information they contain. This leads to a number of observations about the relationship between artists and their studios. Firstly, we become aware of the way in which the world of colour, light and subject seems to be compressed into a single space, and the continuum between these conditions and the works of art that are produced...'

extract from essay by Andrew Sayers, Director, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra

Open: 23 June 2008 – 12 October 2008
Galleries, Mitchell Wing
State Library opening hours
Admission: Free