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The Mitchell Library opened on 9 March 1910 and nothing was quite the same again. For the first time, it was possible to research the history of Australia and the Pacific through access to the original records. David Scott Mitchell's 1907 bequest of books, manuscripts, maps and pictures - the most comprehensive collection of its type in the world - had provided Australia, in one fell swoop, with its first major research library. No other act of philanthropy in Australia has performed such a cultural coup.

Immediately on receipt, the bequest was added to, continuously, and with determination and perspicacity. This collecting drive has never ceased and has been one of the hallmarks of the Mitchell throughout the Library's first century.

From day one, the Mitchell staged exhibition in its specially designed gallery (the largest of the present-day galleries ) in which it celebrated major events as well as showing its collection.

To celebrate the Mitchell's own major event, its centenary, an exhibition was in keeping with the Library's own tradition as well as being a contemporary way to focus on the collection, the essence of any research library.

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Open to 16 June 2010
Galleries, Mitchell building
Exhibition opening hours:
9am to 8pm Mondays to Thursdays
9am t0 5pm Friday
10am to 5pm weekends [Please note, the Mitchell Library Reading Room is closed on Sunday]