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New South Wales Police Gazette

The New South Wales Police Gazette was first published in 1862. It incorporated an earlier publication, New South Wales Reports of Crime etc... which had been produced between 1852 and 1862. The Gazette was circulated to all police stations in New South Wales and contained lists of crimes committed, escaped prisoners, warrants issued, court reports and missing persons. It sometimes included crimes committed in other states. The Gazette also published information about police officers, including promotions and new appointments. The Police Gazette continued to be published into the early 1980s, although it is only available for public access 70 years after publication.

The first issue of the New South Wales Police Gazette (below) contains a full list of serving police officers from Inspector-General down to constable.

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New South Wales police gazette and weekly record of crime, No. 1, 5 Mar. 1862, Sydney: Office of the Inspector General of Police
Printed journal   Q343.99105/1