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Gold is presented by the Victorian Cultural Collaboration. Explore the impact of the gold rushes on Australia and uncover the stories of the diggers at SBS GOLD!

The Australian Gold Rush

Portal of the Australian Government

Discovery of Gold in Australia

Year Book Australia, 1911, 1301.0. Australian Bureau of Statistics. Year Book Australia provides a detailed statistical overview of various aspect of the economy and social conditions in Australia.

Objects through Time - Roll Up Banner

Objects through Time - Chinese Opium Container

Objects through Time - Race to the Gold diggings board game

A website produced by the Migration Heritage Centre, New South Wales. Explore important chapters, places and events in Australian migration history and discover the people who have shaped New South Wales' culture and society.

Eureka On Trial, Archives of the Eureka Stockade

Produced by the Public Records Office of Victoria. This site presents around ninety documents that trace not only the events of late December 1854, but also the lead-up to and the aftermath of the battle at Eureka.

Built on Gold

Built on Gold, a permanent exhibition at the City Museum, Melbourne presents the story of the journey of Victorian gold, from the diggings, as it passed through the hands of the gold buyers, escort troopers and on some occasions, bushrangers until it eventually left the colony bound for the northern hemisphere.

Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo

Chinese heritage is an integral part of Bendigo. From the goldrush to the present day, the Bendigo Chinese community has influenced the proud history of Bendigo.

History of Young, New South Wales

A colourful history emerges from the goldfields at Lambing Flat

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