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Port Stephens Vocabulary


Portrait Charles Macarthur KingCharles Macarthur King, 1855, Tinted daguerreotype MIN 175

Charles Macarthur King was the grandson of New South Wales Governor Philip Gidley King and the son of Philip Parker King, commissioner of the Australian Agricultural Company during the 1840s. The company was headquartered at Port Stephens in 1826.

Macarthur King recorded 55 words from the language of the Port Stephens region, along with English translations.

The word list is organised into words describing body parts, the physical environment (e.g. moon, stars, harbour rocks), flora and fauna, family relations and commands.




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Transcription: Charles Macarthur King - Vocabulary of the language of the natives at Port Stephens, ca. 1845-1850, MLMSS 7771

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Vocabulary of the language of the natives at Port Stephens

Head     Wallung
Eyes      Mikkak
Nose     Gnora
Cheek   Mundarg
Lips       Willyk
Teeth     Tyrrah
Tongue   Tullut
Ears       Nurriak
Chin      Tarfrie
Eyelashes  Woigbien
Eyebrows  Yindere
Neck      Polla
Arms     Kaoudit
Body     Warrah
Hands    Mutthra
Nails      Kouaing

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Legs     Turrah
Shins    Gurrie
Feet     Mundoe
Blood   Kuwarrah
Heart   Terriwah
Hair     Gidtuck
Sun      Uroka
Moon    Kiewung
Stars    Myridged
Clouds  Yarril
Thunder Unthimum
Lightening Pingus 
Sea       Kwruah
Harbour Warrahpea
Rocks    Watah
Fire       Terikei
Burning Nuttogue
Water  Curcur

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Fish     Makarell
Snake  Potteer
Kangaroo Womboin
Good   Murrook
Bad     Nantulark
Make haste Curre curre
Do away Cattai
Stop       Carbo
Sick        Mingey
Ebb Tide  Para gouba
Flood Tide Waka-
Bread     Nulle
Widower Mabogan
Widow    Mabora
Wife       Kin
Husband Borr
Dog       Warrigal
Meat      Bah cooey
I            Nuttor
You        Bei

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