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Aboriginal studies: HSC major projects

Aboriginal Studies, undertaken by New South Wales high school students, is offered to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Indigenous students are provided with an opportunity for cultural affirmation and positive educational experiences while all students are encouraged to ‘learn together’ with Aboriginal peoples and communities. All students are encouraged to take an active role in the process of Reconciliation.

Major projects are a course requirement of the NSW Board of Studies Aboriginal Studies course. According to the syllabus, the major project is to be a topic of the student’s own choice, negotiated with their teacher and Aboriginal community members, and should be related to the course. Major projects are an original piece of work produced by senior high school students.

From 2007, the State Library of NSW, in collaboration with the NSW Board of Studies, will provide on going access to digital copies of selected projects produced each year. Online access will enable students located in remote and regional communties to view the major works and the State Library will create and maintain digital records which document contemporary Aboriginal issues and concerns.

To navigate to individual projects, select a year, then choose a project name from the list on the right of the catalogue record.

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