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Mapping the route

After travelling by railway from Adelaide to the Peake (south of Oodnadatta on the present Oodnadatta Track), W.H. Tietkens and his party collected the camels they would ride and use to carry their stores. They made their way to Bond Springs (just north of Alice Springs) and loaded their camels with stores and equipment.  On 14th March 1889, they left Bond Springs and headed west.
Their route took them almost due west for nearly three months, crossing the border into Western Australia and skirting the salt pans on the western edge of Lake Macdonald. From Lake Macdonald, Tietkens travelled south east, taking in the western end of Lake Amadeus, Mt Olga,  Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Mt Connor. They then headed north then east to Erldunda Station (north of Goyder Springs). Here the party rested for 10 days while Tietkens wrote up his report for the Geographical Society.



Map shewing route of the Central Australian Exploring and Prospecting Association Expedition under command of William Henry [sic] Tietkens 1889 from Journal of Mr. W. H. Tietkens' Central Australian exploring expedition, Adelaide : S.A. Government Printer, 1890
Printed map in bound volume  Q89/102