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Maps of the route taken by Hume and Hovell

This hand-drawn map shows shows the route taken by Hume and William Hovell in their 1824 expedition of discovery to Corio Bay, Port Phillip, with surrounding features, and an outline of the coast. It is the work of a professional draftsman. It is thought to have been drawn up in the Lands Department from Hume's orginal map, which he drew during the journey on a skeleton map provided by the Governor. This map is described as 'Hume's own sketch-map', which he gave to Sir Thomas Mitchell but it is more likely that the draftsman was Mitchell himself than Hume. The map was among some of T.L. Mitchell's papers received about 1920 by Mitchell's grandson, G.V.P. Mann. Mann passed the map to Sir William Dixson, whose collection is held in the State Library of New South Wales.

The map is oriented with south at the top and was probably prepared in around 1826, as the explorers' destination is correctly shown as Port Phillip, not Westernport, as the men firstly believed. Hovell confirmed the navigational mistake in 1826 when he visited Westernport by ship.

H. Hume's sketch of a tour performed by W. H. Hovell and himself from Lake George to Port Phillip, Bass's Straits, at their own expense in the years 1824 and 1825 through the request of Sir Thomas Brisbane, 1826,
Manuscript map  SAFE/Cb 82/24

This printed map below, published by the Victorian Department of Lands in 1924, shows the track taken by the expedition, and their camp sites.

Map showing track of Hume and Hovell across Victoria : November and December 1824 and January 1825 by H. Hansford ; lithographed at the Department of Lands and Survey, Melbourne, by W. J. Butson. [Melbourne] : H.J. Greencting Govt. Printer, [1924?] 
Printed map  Z/M2 823/1825/1