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Jimmy Governor's trial

Jimmy was transferred to Sydney and on the 19 November, 1900 he was arraigned before Justice Owen at the Central Criminal Court on the charge of 'feloniously and maliciously murdering Ellen Josephine Kertz' (the teacher employed by the Mawbey family).

A detailed account of the trial and the evidence of witnesses, including Ethel Governor and thirteen-year-old George Mawbey (the only witness to the Mawbey murders at Breelong) were widely reported in the newspapers.

Jimmy provided an extended statement and told many details of his story of what happened at Breelong and during his three months on the run.

"The Breelong Blacks: interview with Jimmy Governor - tired of the chase", Maitland Daily, 29 Oct, 1900, p.3

Found guilty, he was sentenced to hang, however the execution date was delayed by almost two months due to planned festivities to celebrate Australian Federation. Jimmy Governor was finally hanged at Darlinghurst gaol on 18 January 1901.

"The Trial concluded: Governor sentenced to death", Maitland Daily, 23 November, 1900, p. 3 

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