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People & Places

People & Places explore the history of a locality and the people who made it. Take a look into the lives of rural and urban families, who settled in regions across New South Wales.

These regional stories celebrate the personal historical record of Australia and who we are today.


Caergwrle, Allynbrook

Caergwrle (pronounced Ka-girlie) is situated on the Allyn River, in one of the most beautiful rural areas of the Hunter Valley.

Looking East - Darling Point & beyond

Looking East - Darling Point & Beyond looks at the lifestyles, attitudes and activities of the people who settled in Darling Point, their families, their houses and the community that sprung up on this rugged promontory in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Looking North - Sydney's Upper North Shore

Looking North uses items from the State Library's vast collections to explore the development of the Upper North Shore region from bush and farm land to a desirable residential area.

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