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Crux exhibition explores the unveiling of the mysteries of the islands and continents of the Southern Hemisphere through the maps and charts of intrepid European navigators from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

Mapping Antarctica: The last continent

The exhibition includes magnificent rare maps and early charts held by the State Library of NSW.

First Sight: Dutch mapping of Australia 1606 - 1697

This exhibition covers the charting of the Australian coasts by the Dutch in the 17th century: the north, south and west coasts and Tasmania. 

South Land to New Holland

Hosted by the National Library of Australia, South Land to New Holland: Dutch Charting of Australia 1606–1756 celebrates early Dutch exploration of the Australian coast, drawing on the rare maps and other resources from the collections of Australia's National, State and Territory libraries.

South Seas Companion

South Seas Companion is an encyclopaedic reference guide to the history of European voyaging and cross-cultural encounters in the Pacific during 1760-1800. Many entries provide access to items held by the National Library of Australia.


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