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James Scott (? - 1796)

Little is known of James Scott, Sergeant of Marines. He travelled on the Prince of Wales transport and was accompanied by his wife, Jane, and their daughter Elizabeth, born during the voyage. A son, William, was born in the colony. The family arrived back in England in June 1792. While in New South Wales Scott spent all his time in Port Jackson.

Scott's journal was bequeathed by Sir William Dixson in 1952.

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Transcript: James Scott, Remarks on a passage Botnay [sic] bay ..., 20-28 January 1788

Partial transcription (20-28 January 1788)
[page 33]

Sunday 20th
All Night. At. 4 in the Morning Made
Sale, Entred Botnay Bay at. 8 OClock
AM. found the Commadore & the 3
Sale that parted Us at. Sea Here

[page 34]
1788 Prince of Wales at Botnay bay

Jany Monday 21st
Got an account of Peter Tolburt Corp
of Marines, Diying, Monday the 19th
Novr. 1787 Serjt. Knight Who
Was Suspended At. the Cape of Good
Hope, Was Ordred to His former Duty.

Friday the 18th Jany 1788 —
The Commadore Went to Port Jackson,
this Day. & Remained there till
Wednessday, 23d On his Return At.
P.M. Made the Signel for All Masters
& Gave Orders to Sail for Port Jackson
to Morrow Morning As he Approved of
it Better, than Botnay Bay. the Natives
here is Very Affable. & Will Except of
Aney thing, that You Will Give them,
(& Even take Aney thing that the Can
Lay Hold of)—

Tuesday 22d
the seamen Hal

Thursday. 24th
two Ships Appered of this bay,
Wee Did not Sail for Port Jackson
this day.—

Friday 25th
Signel Made to Way Ankor. Wind
And tide being Against us at. A.M. Wee
Could Not Get out, Brought, too again

[page 35]
1788 Prince of Wales at Botnay bay

Jany Friday 25th
The Governer Went to Port Jackson in
the Supply Brig

Saturday. 26th
The two Ship that Wee Seen of this
Bay on Thursday 24th JanY, Came
in this Day Which proved to be
French Ships on Discovereys
At. AM. the fleet. Got on thier Way. Came to
an Ankor at 1/2 p 6 OClock in Port Jackson
Close to the New town Which Was Crisned
this Day & 4 Vollies of Small Arms. Fired,

Sunday, 27th
I & Serjt. Clayfield Was Orderd. on Bd
the Charlotte Transpt. to Do Duty A
Number of Male Convicts Went On
Shore this Day to Work —

Monday 28th
The Whole Detachment of Marines
Wives & Children Desembarked
& Encamped Immedetly,—
The Male Convicts imployd in Clear,g
away the Ground

Partial transcription (30 December 1788)
[page 44]

Tuesday Decr 30th
The Governor. Sent. Capt. Ball, of the
Supply Brig & Lieut.. G. Johnst
=one With, two
Arme,d Boats, to
Secure Some of the Natives, they
Brought, in one, Call,s him, (Manley)
they Secured him at. Manley. Bay. One
More Made his Escape, after they had
hold of
The Govornor. Cloathed him & Made
him Dine With him, that day. he is
Secured With a Rope & a Man
Leades him Abought; there is a house
built for him & his Keeper.—

Partial transcription (3 June 1790)
[page 51]

Thursday. 3d
The Lady Julian Transport. Arrivd
here With 225 Female Convicts, from
England. & Brings the Disagree =
=bel. News, of the Guardian Store Ship
Getting foul of A field of Ise
in Latd 44° Odd South. & Longd Neerly the
Same. East. & being Allmose
Lost, throwed Great Part of her
Cargo Over
Board & Oblidged to put
back to the Cape of Good hope;—

Partial transcription (29 March 1791)
[page 62]

Tuesday. 29th
A Serjt & a party, of Marines
in the Long boat Came to the look
Out Cove At Six OClock this Morning
in persute of, Bryan (a Convict) the principal
fisherman, (for Goverment) Who was to fish
on the
foregoing Night; but on
his getting the Boat in readiness, together
With the boats Crue; to
proceed, he has
thought, propper to put to Sea in
order to make his escape, he has taken
With him, An excellent Cutter Sailes
Complate, Seine, Cooking Utencials
Bed & Beding, Wife & two
Children, one
Morton, A Convict Who is A Navigator;
two tents Arms & Ammunition, I have not
learned, the Names of the Rest, that are gon yet,