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John Easty

Neither his birth nor death dates of John Easty, private marine on the Scarborough, are known. Arriving with the First Fleet on board the Scarborough, Easty returned to England in December 1792, on the Atlantic, the same ship that conveyed Arthur Phillip home. In September 1794 he was employed by a London grocer and spent some years petitioning the Admiralty for compensation promised for short rations in New South Wales.

Easty’s simple, direct diary reads like a list of events and occurrences. His is a forthright, unpretentious account in tortured English, recording the occasions both he and other marines were disciplined for various offences.

Easty's journal was acquired by Sir William Dixson and bequeathed to the Dixson Library in 1952.

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Transcript: John Easty, Pt Jno Easty A Memorandum of the Transa[ ] of a Voiage [sic] from England to Botany Bay..., 26-28 January 1788

Partial transcription (26-28 January 1788)

att 2 oclock Cleard Cape Bank Steard NNE all along Shore the Shore Seems to all together rocky near the water att 6 att night Entered the mouth of Port Jackson itt is a very Copleat harbour we Saw a great many of the nativs as we Came in att 1/2 Past 7 Came to anchore oppisite a littel Cove now nameed Philips Cove Sidney Cove

Sunday Jan'y the 27th 1788

Cleare weather this morning 100 Convicts went on shore att 2 oclock Captn Lt Tench Disembarkd from the Ships with his Compan

Munday Jarfv the 28th 1788 Cleare weather this Morning the remaindur of the Convicts Disimbarked att 10 oclock the Detachment of marines Disembarked Piched our tents on Shore

Partial transcription (15 February - 8 March 1788)

Friday Feb the 15th 1788
this morning the Sentanced of
the Court held yesturday put
into Excution 2 Wemen recievd
25 Lashes Each for theft att the Carts tail and one man 45 for
theft att the Carts taill

Wedansday Febrv the 27 1788 this day the Crimenall Cortt adjurnd Cast for Death 3 men Thos Barret Excuted this Evning the others repreved Henry Lowel & Jas Hall to be Banished of the Hand for Life on a Desolate Hand

Sattaday March the 8th 1788
this Night about 1/2 past 8 oclock I was Confined by Serjt Hume for bringing a feameale Convict into Camp

Partial transcription (27 March 1789)

Friday March the 27th 1789
this Day att 10 oclock Luke Hines James Baker James Brown Richt Asque Richt1 Dukes and Thos Jones was Excuted between the 2 Store housees when thay all Said that Joseph hunt was the ocation of all thier Deaths as he was the first that bagan the Said Roberry but he Recd a free Pardon thare was hardley a
Present but what Shed tears offacers and men

Partial transcription (5 April 1790)

Munday April the 5th 1790
this Day the Supply arived from Norfolk Iland and gave an ac count of the Sirous being Cast away upon the Hand of Norfolk on march the 19th Last but all hands and Stores Savid

Partial transcription (7 September 1790)

Sep the 7th
this day His Excellency Arthur Philip Governer of New S Wailes was wounded by the Nativs in the Shoulder but not mortall

Partial transcription (27-28 March 1791)

Sunday the 27 att day Light She waid anchor and ran down the harbour She was again Cheard by the marines which was returnd by the Ships Company and thar was two partys of men Saparated which had Spent 4 years together in the greatest Love and frindship as Ever men did in Such a distant part of the globe . . . Both by officeers and men She was than accompanyed down the harbour by the Governer and all the Marine officers which when thay parted She Saluted them with 9 Guns which was the Last Honour as Could be Confirrd on them and on Mundaay att 6 in
the Morning She went to Sea and
may god Send them a good voige I Pray
on the munday night of the 28 8 men with
1 woman and 2 Chrildren Convicts toke a kings boat of 6 oars with a large quantity of Provisions which thay had got from time

on the munday night of the 28 8 men with 1 woman and 2 Children Convicts toke a kings boat of 6 oars with a large quantity of Provisions which thay had got from time to time by work and a new Scene for fishing with a large quantuty of Carpinters tools of all Sorts for Enlargeing the Boat with beds and Mathackmattick instruments and Cumpus New Sails and Masts and oars and 6 stand of Arms and Evrey thing that was nesarry for Making thare Escape which was Excuted betwen the hours of 9 and 12 it was Supposed that thay intended for Bativee but having no vessell in the harbour thare was no Persueing them so thayd got Clear of but its a very Desparate attempt to go in an open Boat for a run of about 16 or 17 hundred Leags and in pertucalar for a woman and 2 Small Children the oldest not above 3 years of age but the thoughts of Liberty from Such a place as this is Enoufh to induce any Convicts to try all Skeemes to obtain it as thay are the Same as Slaves all the time thay are in this Country allthough thare times
are Expired for which thay are sentanced
by Law thare is no difference between them and a Convict that is jest Cast for transportation