Beach, Bush & Battlers: photographs by Jeff Carter | State Library of New South Wales

Beach, Bush & Battlers: photographs by Jeff Carter

The Jeff Carter photographs in Beach, Bush + Battlers have been selected from his remarkable, historically significant archive of over 50,000 works celebrating the lives of everyday Australians in rural, outback, urban and coastal communities dating from the late 1940s through to today.

Curator Sandra Byron, the leading expert on Carter's work, says about the exhibition: 'Carter's iconic images are a testament to his respect for ordinary people and his commitment to the Australian landscape and environment.'

Carter (also an acclaimed author and award-winning film-maker), continued to travel and photograph into his eighties. When not on the road he lived on his 45 hectare property, Glenrock Farm Wildlife Refuge, Foxground, which he had gazetted into a Wildlife Refuge in 1962.

Sadly, Jeff Carter died in October 2010.

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