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“A more lovely spot it was beyond the power of man to conceive” (Anthony Trollope, Darling Point property for auction, 1888. Printed pamphlet. D3/38)

Real estate agents and auctioneers would use colourful posters, billboards and pamplets to advertise their land sales. This pamphlet advertised the auction of prime water frontage land at Darling Point on 22 December, 1888.

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Darling Point property for auction, [1888]. Gibbs, Shallard & Co., Lith., Sydney. Printed. D3/38


Something purely phenomenal! A subdivision of land at Darling Point. Water frontages! and frontages to Darling Point Road! The only spot not built upon..."

The position is unequalled in the city, being right on the Point, and commanding all the finest views of the Harbour, embracing from the Heads, Manly, Watson’s Bay, Middle Harbour, the whole North Shore, and up to the mouth of the Parramatta River. The property is surrounded by the residences of the Merchant Princes of Sydney, immediately facing that of R. L. Tooth, Esq., and between Messrs. Christopher Newton’s and Wm. McQuade’s(Darling Point property for auction, 1888. Printed pamphlet. D3/38)