Rhiannon, 17

Rhiannon, 17, 1 May 2002
Ruth Maddison
Silver gelatin photoprint
PXE 906/9

It’s a good life here, there’s always plenty to do. I’ve just started a chef’s apprenticeship. Working with good people, new recipes, & at the wharf — top stuff. I want to leave Eden but I want to come back later & have a family — be around friendly people. It’s nothing like this in the city. No-one wants to know you. But people need to get out & see the real world instead of staying here & saying it’s boring & being on the dole. When I’m qualified I’d like to go to Coffs Harbour & open a restaurant on the wharf. I really like Coffs — it’s like here but bigger. I also want to travel & discover new foods of other countries. Then I’d like to work as a chef on cruise ships. That’s my plan. I’m going to set my goals free.