Macquarie the Governor, 1810 to 1821 | State Library of New South Wales

Macquarie the Governor, 1810 to 1821

Macquarie the Governor 1810-1821 is a collaborative project between the State Library of NSW and the Macquarie Group. Featuring significant items from the Library’s collection such as Lachlan Macquarie’s chair, holey dollars and dumps and convict material Macquarie the Governor 1810-1821 gives an overview of the man and his achievements.

Lachlan Macquarie was appointed as the fifth Governor of New South Wales in 1809. An energetic and enthusiastic administrator, he accelerated the development of New South Wales from a penal outpost to a thriving imperial colony. During his administration he strove to impose order, embed social reforms and encourage territorial and economic expansion. He was responsible for an extensive public works program including Hyde Park Barracks and St James Church and many of his buildings still stand in NSW cities and country towns today. Although not always appreciated in his own time, he is now admired as a great improver and the most enlightened and progressive of NSW’s early governors.

This free exhibition provides visitors with an insight into this fascinating man and life in colonial Sydney.

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