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Getting around

Until the 1850s, Australian cities were small and their transport needs easily met. When gold was discovered in 1851, people began pouring into the country increasing the need for cheap and accessible transportation around its rapidly growing cities. Sydney's first form of public transport was most likely the 'jingle', a one-horse, single-axle cart available for public hire. Photography is a perfect medium to record the changing impact of technology and transport systems on cities over the past 160 years.

Cable tram, King Street

Detail from Cable tram, King Street, c.1900, by Frederick Danvers Power
Glass negative    ON 255/16

More than 200,000 Sydneysiders commute to the city every day, including over 112,000 workers arriving by train. Approximately 480,000 vehicles travel through the Central Business District daily while 600,000 trips around the city are made on foot!

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Castlereagh Street

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