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General usage


General usage

I have a Library card but I can't log in to the databases. Why not?

To use the databases from offsite you must be a NSW resident and have a current Library card.

Try clearing your cookies and cache and restarting your browser.

If you are in the Library, you could try logging into a different computer.

If you are still having problems accessing the databases, please contact us.

Please include the following information:

  • the database you are trying to log in to
  • your Library card number
  • your contact details

How do I get a password to log in?

If this is the first time you have logged in, please leave the password field blank and click on the Login button. You will be prompted to create your own password.

Passwords can be a combination of letters and numbers and up to 32 characters long.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

Please contact us.

Why can't I access all databases from home, such as

Use of the databases is governed by licence agreements between the publishers and the Library. This means that we may not have the rights to make them all accessible to you from home.

I would like to order a copy of an article.

Go to information about ordering copies.


How do I find ebooks?

Ebooks from EBL can be searched for in the State Library's catalogue in the same manner as print books. Alternatively, you can access ebooks through the Library's eResources website. You can read ebooks from the Library's eResources computers and from home.

What ebooks are included in EBL?

At present, selected ebooks from Australian publishers are available through EBL to State Library clients. Over 2,500 ebooks are available, many of which are also available in print through the Mitchell Library.

How do I read ebooks online?

Ebooks can be read online via the EBL Online Reader. You can access the Online Reader via the "Read this book" link beside each ebook listed in your search results, or via the blue "Read Online" button on the full record page.

The EBL Online Reader is web based, and is compatible with most web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera). No additional software is required to read online.

How do I download EBL ebooks?

Ebooks can be downloaded to your own computer for reading offline. You will find a download button on the "Download" tab in the EBL Online Reader.

To download and read ebooks you must have Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed on your computer. Please ensure you have this free software installed before downloading an ebook.

Once an ebook is downloaded it will be accessible for up to three weeks.

If you are working on a State Library computer, you can only read ebooks online via the EBL Online Reader.

What is Adobe Digital Editions and why do I need it?

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) was designed specifically for reading ebooks. In order to download and read EBL ebooks offline, you must first have ADE installed. You can download this software from the ADE website.

For detailed instructions on how to use Digital Editions please refer to the ADE Help Pages.

Please also check the ADE system requirements.

Can I read EBL ebooks on portable devices?

Downloaded EBL ebooks can be transferred to any portable ebook reader that supports Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). There is a list of compatible devices on the Adobe Digital Publishing website.

Clients using iPads, iPhones or Android can download EBL ebooks to their device and read them via the Bluefire Reader app. This free app is an alternative to ADE.

In addition to these options, all portable devices with modern browser support can access EBL and read ebooks online via the web.

Please note that EBL ebooks cannot be downloaded to a Kindle.

Can I print or copy from an ebook?

You can print up to 20% and copy up to 5% of each ebook. These limits apply to both online ebooks and downloaded ebooks.

Buttons to print and copy from an ebook are located at the top of the EBL Online Reader. Printing and copying can only be done using these buttons.

The printing and copying limits are managed by the EBL system. Remaining print and copy balances can be viewed for each ebook on the Details tab in the EBL Online Reader.

Why can't I print properly?

EBL printing problems are usually related to Adobe Reader preferences and/or browser settings.

If you're experiencing problems printing, please ensure:

  • You have Adobe Reader installed.
  • Your Adobe Reader JavaScript Preferences have Acrobat Javascript enabled.
  • Your Adobe Reader Internet Preferences are set to "Open PDF in Browser".
  • Your web browser has JavaScript enabled.