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Letter received by Banks from Matthew Flinders, 16 May 1805 (Series 65.34)

Notes: Includes copy of a letter written in French, by Admiral Linois to Mr Fleurieu, 1805.
Author: Flinders, Matthew, 1774-1814
  Linois, C.A.L.D, Count
Date: 16 May 1805
Series title: Series 65: Correspondence, being mainly letters received by Banks from Matthew Flinders, 1800-1807, 1811
Frame numbers: CY 3009 / 273
Subjects: Aken, John
  Bougainville, Louis Antoine de, 1729-1811
  Chaptal, Jean Antoine, Comte de Chantaloup, 1756-1832
  De Caen, Charles Mathieu Isidore, Comte, 1769-1832
  Dupperrey, Louis Isidore, 1786-1865
  Fleurieu, Charles Pierre Claret, Comte de, 1738-1810
  Investigator (ship)
  Lalande, Joseph Jerome le Francais de, 1732-1807
  Liverpool, Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Baron Hawkesbury and 2nd Earl of, 1770-1823
  Talleyrand-Perigord, Charles Maurice de, Prince of Benvento, 1754-1838