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Letter received by Banks from William Bligh, 28 February 1805 (Series 58.28)

Author: Bligh, William, 1754-1817
Date: 28 February 1805
Series: Series 58: Correspondence, being mainly letters received by Banks from William Bligh while commander of HM Ships Calcutta, Director, Glatton, Irresistible and Warrior, 1795-1798, 1800-1801, 1803, 1805.

Includes a letter received by Banks from Elizabeth Bligh, 1805.

Frame numbers:
Subjects: Boyack, Alexander
  Cinnamon, Robert
  Cock, Henry
  Frazier, John
  Jewel, Samuel
  Johnston, George
  Keltie, James
  Knowles, Samuel
  Mortimer, George
  Russel, Robert
  Warrior (ship)