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Copy of proceedings of the second court of inquiry, with opinion, into complaints of 1st Lieutenant Joseph Swabey Tetley and the Master, Daniel Lye against 2nd Captain Joseph Short, 26 December 1806 (Series 41.25)

Notes: Being questions put to William B. Basden, Purser; O. Pines, Surgeon; Francis Calver, Gunner; Jonathon Newson; William Oldrey; William Lingen, private marine; and William Hobbs, boatswain, all of HMS Porpoise, 26 December 1806.

Conducted by Philip Gidley King, John Houston and John Oxley.

Author: Courts of inquiry - New South Wales
  Houston, John
  King, Philip Gidley, 1758-1808
  Oxley, John, 1783-1828
Date: 26 December 1806
Series title: Series 41: Copies of documents 'Receivd [by Banks] April 9 1808 Chiefly Relating to Leut Short', 1806-1808.

Includes memorandum written by Philip Gidley King, ca 1807.

Frame numbers:
Subjects: Basden, William B.
  Calver, Francis
  Evidence (law)
  Harding, Mr
  Hobbs, William
  Lingen, William
  Newson, Jonathon
  Oldrey, William
  Pines, O.