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Copy of the proceedings of a first court of inquiry, with opinion of Philip Gidley King, into complaints of 1st Lieutenant Joseph Swabey Tetley and the Master Daniel Lye against 2nd Captain Joseph Short, 10 - 12 December 1806 (Series 41.10)

Notes: Being the questions put to William B. Basden, Purser; Daniel Lye; Francis Calver, Gunner; William Hobbs, Boatswain; Benjamin Bannister, carpenter; Mr T. Hardinge; John Seymour, armourer; Corporal William Stephens; James Allen; William Harvey, boatswain's mate; Lieutenant Joseph Swabey Tetley; O. Pines; John Bowman, Gunner's Mate; Adam Brown, seaman; William Oldrey; and John Woodhouse.

Conducted by Philip Gidley King, John Houston and John Oxley.

Author: Houston, John
  King, Philip Gidley, 1758-1808
  Oxley, John, 1783-1828
Date: 10 - 12 December 1806
Series title: Series 41: Copies of documents 'Receivd [by Banks] April 9 1808 Chiefly Relating to Leut Short', 1806-1808.

Includes memorandum written by Philip Gidley King, ca 1807.

Frame numbers:
Subjects: Allen, John
  Bannister, Benjamin
  Basden, William B.
  Bowman, John, 1763-1825
  Brown, Adam
  Calver, Francis
  Evidence (law)
  Hardinge, T.
  Harvey, William
  Hobbs, William
  Houston, John
  King, Philip Gidley, 1758-1808
  Oldrey, William
  Oxley, John, 1783-1828
  Pines, O.
  Seymour, John
  Stephens, William
  Woodhouse, John