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Letter received by Banks from William Bligh, 1 April 1806 (Series 40.013)

Notes: Enclosing copies of documents (Series 40.014-048) concerning Joseph Short being 'Letters and Orders'; a statement by Joseph Short; and letters written by Bligh to the Secretary of State and to the Lords Commissioner of the Admiralty.
Author: Bligh, William, 1754-1817
Date: 1 April 1806
Series title: Series 40: Correspondence, being mainly letters received by Banks from William Bligh, 1805-1811
Frame numbers:
Subjects: Convict ships - New South Wales
  Convicts - New South Wales
  Elizabeth (ship)
  Justina (ship)
  Lady Madeleine Sinclair (ship)
  Porpoise (ship)
  Short, Joseph, fl. 1776-1810
  Transportation of convicts - New South Wales