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'Extract from Govr Philips [sic] Dispatches', 1 January 1791 (Series 35.15)

Notes: Written in the hand of Banks.
Author: Phillip, Arthur, 1738-1814
Date: 1 January 1791
Series title: Series 35: Miscellaneous reports and memoranda concerning the settlements in Australia, [1770], ca 1786-1808
Frame numbers:
Subjects: Aborigines, Australian
  Aborigines, Australian - Diseases
  Aborigines, Australian - Languages
  Agriculture - New South Wales
  Arabanoo, ca 1765-1789
  Bennelong, ca 1764-1813
  Climatology - New South Wales
  Collins, David, 1756-1810
  Colonisation - New South Wales
  Convicts - Health and hygiene
  Convicts - New South Wales
  Hawkesbury River (N.S.W.)
  Livestock - New South Wales
  Nepean River (N.S.W.)
  New South Wales - Climate
  Parramatta (N.S.W.)
  Punishment - New South Wales
  Shortland, John, ca 1739-1803
  Shortland Islands (Solomon Islands)
  Smallpox - New South Wales - Sydney
  Supply (ship)