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Letter received by Banks from Henry Waterhouse, 16 July 1806 (Series 23.43)

Author: Waterhouse, Henry, 1770-1812
Date: 16 July 1806
Series title: Series 23: Correspondence with various persons concerning Australia and the South Seas, being mainly letters received by Banks, 1786-1809
Frame numbers:
Subjects: Braithwaite, Lieutenant.
  Britannia (ship)
  Cox, William, 1764-1837
  Gordon, Robert Jacob, 1741-1795
  Gordon, Susanne
  Johnston, George, 1764-1823
  Kent, William, 1757-1812
  King, Phillip Gidley, 1758-1808
  Macarthur, John, 1767-1834
  Marsden, Samuel, 1764-1838
  Merino sheep
  Moore, William Henry, 1788?-1854
  Paterson, William, 1755-1810
  Reliance (ship)
  Rowley, Captain
  Sheep - New South Wales
  Sinclair, John, Sir, 1754-1835
  Supply (ship)
  Williamson, James, 1758-1826