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Plants collected by Christopher Smith at the Moluccas, the Banda Islands and Amboyna, 1796 - 1797 (Series 16.17)

Author: Smith, Christopher, d. 1807
Date: 1796 - 1797
Series title: Series 16: Letters and plant lists received by Banks from Christopher Smith, 1795-1801
Frame numbers:
Subjects: Cloves
  Daws, William
  Eliza (ship)
  Ewer (ship)
  Fly (ship)
  Fortisque, Captain
  Gibson, Captain
  Gloucester (ship)
  Jane Stewart (ship)
  King, William
  Plants - Amboina, Indonesia
  Plants - Banda Islands, Indonesia
  Plants - Indonesia
  Plants - Moluccas, Indonesia
  Rainier, Admiral
  Sago tree
  Suffolk (ship)
  Swift (ship)
  Taylor, Captain
  Yarmouth (ship)