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Copy of a letter written by Banks to Comte Louis de Lauraguais, December 1771 (Series 05.01)

Notes: Being 'Abstract of Endeavours voyage written for Count Lauraguais who Printed it'.

With note written in the hand of Banks.

Author: Banks, Joseph, Sir, 1743-1820
Date: December 1771
Series: Series 05: Letters concerning the publication by Comte Louis de Lauraguais of Banks' abstract account of the voyage of HM Bark Endeavour, 1771-1772
Frame numbers:
Subjects: Aborigines, Australian
  Bougainville, Louis Antoine de, 1729-1811
  Endeavour River (Qld)
  Great Barrier Reef (Qld)
  Lauraguais, Louis Leon Felicite, Comte de and Duc de Brancas, 1733-1824
  New Guinea
  New Zealand
  North Queensland, Australia