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The Crew on the Endeavour

The Crew

Name Rating and Duty
James Cook 1st Lieutenant in command
Zachary Hicks 2nd Lieutenant
John Gore 3rd Lieutenant
Robert Molyneaux Master of the ship
Richard Pickersgill Master's Mate
Charles Clerke Master's Mate
Francis Wilkinson A.B. (Able Bodied seaman) / Master's Mate
John Bootie Midshipman
Jonathan Munkhouse Midshipman
Patrick Saunders Midshipman
Isaac Smith A.B.
William Harvey 1st Lieutenant's servant / A.B.
James Maria Magra A.B.
Isaac Manley Master's servant
William Monkhouse Surgeon
William Perry Surgeon's Mate
Richard Orton Clerk
Stephen Forwood Gunner
John Gathray Boatswain
John Satterly Carpenter
John Thompson Cook
Alex Weir A.B. / Quartermaster
Samuel Evans Quartermaster / Boatswain
Thomas Hardman Carpenter's Mate
John Reading Boatswain's Mate / Yeoman, Sheets
Benjamin Jordon A.B. / Carpenter's Mate
John Ravenhill Sailmaker
George Nowell A.B. / Carpenter's Crew
Isaac Parker A.B. / Boatswain's Mate
Robert Anderson Quartermaster
James Gray A.B.
Robert Taylor Armourer
Richard Hutchins A.B. / Boatswain's Mate
Josiah Childs A.B. Captain's Cook
Peter Flower A.B.
Timothy Reardon A.B. / Boatswain's Mate
Isaac Johnson A.B. / Cooper
John Ramsay A.B.
William Dawson A.B.
Francis Haite A.B. / Carpenter's Crew
Samuel Jones A.B.
Forby Sutherland A.B. / Poulterer
James Nicolson A.B.
Thomas Simmonds A.B.
Richard Hughes A.B. / Carpenter's Mate
Sam Moody A.B. / Carpenter's Crew
Isaac Johnson A.B. / Cooper
Robert Stainsby A.B.
William Collett A.B. / Barber
Archibald Wolfe A.B. / Tailor
Matthew Cox A.B.
Charles Williams A.B.
Alexander Simpson A.B.
Thomas Knight A.B. / Lieutenant's Cook
Henry Stephens A.B.
Thomas (2nd) Jones A.B.
Anthonio Ponto A.B.
John Dozey A.B.
James Tunley A.B.
Michael Littleboy A.B.
John Goodjohn A.B. / Cooper's Mate
John Woodworth A.B.
William Peckover A.B.
Richard Littleboy A.B.
Manoel Pereira A.B.
Henry Jeffs A.B. / Butcher
William Howson Capt. Cook's servant
Nathaniel Morey 2nd Lieutenant's servant
Thomas (1st) Jones Surgeon's servant
Edward Terrell A.B. / Carpenter's servant
Thomas Jordon A.B. / Boatswain's servant
Thomas Mathews Cook's servant
Daniel Roberts Gunner's servant
John Thurmund A.B. / Sailmaker's Mate

The Marines

John Edgecombe Sergeant of marines
John Trusslove Corporal
Thomas Rossiter Drummer
William Judge Private
Henry Paul Private
Daniel Preston Private
William Wiltshire Private
William Greenslade Private
Samuel Gibson Private
Clement Webb Private
John Bowles Private
Thomas Dunster Private

The Civilians

Joseph Banks Naturalist & Botanist
Daniel Solander Naturalist & Doctor
Charles Green Astronomer
John Reynolds Artist
Sydney Parkinson Artist
Herman Sporing Artist
Alexander Buchan Artist
James Roberts Servant
Peter Briscoe Servant
Thomas Richmond Servant


Forty men died on the voyage. However, most of these died in 1771 on the way home through the East Indies (Indonesia) where they caught diseases which spread quickly through the crew because of their close, unhygienic quarters.

The deaths on board the Endeavour were recorded as follows:

1768 - drowned 2
1769 - drowned 1
1769 - frozen 2
1769 - died 1
1770 - deserted 1
1770 - discharged 1
1770 - died 1

Compiled from several sources.

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