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Endeavour journal, 5 August 1769 (Series 03.344)

Notes: Page header reads: 'Ulhietea'
Author: Banks, Joseph, Sir, 1743-1820
Date: 5 August 1769
Series title: Series 03: The Endeavour journal of Joseph Banks, 25 August 1768 - 12 July 1771
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Transcript: 5. Went in the boat to the Southward with the Captn &c . Saw two inlets in the reef and good harbours within them; they were both situate close to Islets, one having one on each side of it (indeed in general I have seen Breaches in Reefs almost wherever there are Islands upon them. The people all along shore were very poor, so much so that after all our days work we did not procure either hog or fowl nor indeed did we see either.