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The following list of terms will assist you to locate references in the text when searching the Papers of Sir Joseph Banks.

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Reference in the manuscript See reference


Adams, John, 1764-1829 see also Smith, Alexander, 1764-1829
Alexander, Du Pre, Earl of Caledon, 1777-1839 see Caledon, Alexander Du Pre, Earl of, 1777-1839
Aotourou see Ahutoru
Au, Anton Pantalon, fl. 1785-1805 see Hove, Anton Pantalon, fl. 1785-1805
Austace, Joseph see Yostis, Joseph
Austace, Mary see Yostis, Mary


Baraguel (N.S.W.) see Baraggel (N.S.W.)
Barracks, Mr see Price, John
Beche-de-mer see Trepang
Bentinck, Margaret Cavendish, Dowager Duchess of Portland, 1715-1782 see Portland, Margaret Cavendish Bentinck, Dowager Duchess of, 1715-1782
Bentinck, William Henry Cavendish, 3rd Duke of Portland, 1738-1809 see Portland, William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, 3rd Duke of, 1738- 1809
Black lead see Graphite
Bourbon Island (Indian Ocean) see Reunion Island (Indian Ocean)
Burckhardt, Johan Ludwig, 1784-1817 see Burckhardt, John Lewis, 1784-1817
Butcher shops see Butchers


Caen, Charles Mathieu Isidore, Comte de, 1769-1832 see De Caen, Charles Mathieu Isidore, Comte, 1769-1832
Canning, Stratford, Viscount Stratford, 1786-1880 see Stratford, Canning, Viscount, 1786-1880
Cape Circumcision see Bouvet Island
Cape Solicitor (Vic.) see Point Danger (Vic.)
Carabily (N.S.W.) see Karhebeely (N.S.W.)
Carmarthen Hills (N.S.W.) see Blue Mountains (N.S.W.)
Ceylon see Sri Lanka
Chatham, William Pitt, Earl of, 1759-1806 see Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham, 1759-1806
Chiang-hsi (China) see Kiangsi (China)
Chinese letter writing see Letter writing, Chinese
Cinnamon, Robert see Cinnamond, Robert
Clarke, Thomas, 1756?-1828 see Clark, Thomas, 1756?-1828
Climate see also Climatology
Coke, Thomas William, 1st Earl of Leicester, 1752-1842 see Leicester, Thomas William Coke, 1st Earl of, 1752-1842
Colley, Richard, 1st Marquis of Wellesley, 1760-1842 see Wellesley, Richard Colley, 1st marquis, 1760-1842
Commodities see Commercial products
Constantinople (Greece) see Istanbul (Turkey
Convict ships see also Transportation of convicts
Convict system see Transportation of convicts
Convicts, Transportation of see Transportation of convicts
Courts, civil see Civil courts
Courts, criminal see Criminal courts
Currency see Money
Customs (tariff) see Tariff


d'Alembert, Jean le Rond, 1717-1783 see Alembert, Jean le Rond d', 1717-1783
Dance, Nathaniel, 1735-1811 see Dance-Holland, Nathaniel, Sir, 1735-1811
Dashwood, Francis, Sir, 2nd Baronet and 14th Baron Le Despencer, 1708-1781 see Le Despencer, Sir Francis Dashwood, 2nd Baronet and 14th Baron, 1708-1781
Decaen, Charles Mathieu Isidore, Comte, 1769-1832 see De Caen, Charles Mathieu Isidore, Comte, 1769-1832
Douglas, Thomas, 5th Earl of Selkirk, 1771-1820 see Selkirk, Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of, 1771-1820
Doyly, Edward, 1617-1675 see Doyley, Edward, 1617-1675
Drosera see Sundews
Dundas, Henry, 1st Viscount Melville, 1742-1811 see Melville, Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount, 1742-1811


Egerton, Francis Henry, 8th Earl of Bridgewater see Bridgewater, Francis Henry Egerton, 8th Earl of
Elliot, Gilbert, 1st Earl of Minto, 1751-1814 see Minto, Gilbert Elliot, 1st Earl of, 1751-1814
Emu Novaehollandiae see Emus
Eucalypts see Eucalyptus


Farm produce see also Food crops
Food crops see also Farm produce
Free settlers see Emigration and immigration


Gaols see Jails
Governor King's Bay (Vic.) see Port Phillip Bay (Vic.)
Grog shops see Alcohol trade


Hague, The (The Netherlands) see s'Gravenhage (The Netherlands)
Hobart, Robert Hobart, 4th Earl of Buckinghamshire and Baron, 1760-1816 see Buckinghamshire, Robert Hobart, Baron Hobart and 4th Earl of, 1760-1816
Honourable East India Company see East India Company
Hood, Alexander, 1st Viscount Bridport, 1727-1814 see Bridport, Alexander Hood, 1st Viscount, 1727-1814
Howick, Charles Grey, Viscount, 1764-1845 see Grey, Charles, Viscount Howick and 2nd Earl, 1764-1845


Iron bark trees see Metrosideros
Island of Joanna (Comoro Islands) see Anjouan Island (Comoro Islands)
Isle de France see Mauritius


Jenkinson, Charles, 1st Baron Hawkesbury and 1st Earl of Liverpool, 1727-1808 see Hawkesbury, Charles Jenkinson, 1st Earl of Liverpool and 1st Baron, 1727-1808
Jenkinson, Robert Banks, 2nd Baron Hawkesbury and 2nd Earl of Liverpool, 1770-1823 see Liverpool, Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Baron Hawkesbury and 2nd Earl of, 1770-1823
Jervis, John, 1st Earl St Vincent, 1734-1823 see St Vincent, John Jervis, 1st Earl, 1734-1823
Jones, Elizabeth see Johns, Elizabeth


Karabilly (N.S.W.) see Karhabeely (N.S.W.)
King's Island (Tas.) see King Island (Tas.)


Landsdowne Hills (N.S.W.) see Blue Mountains (N.S.W.)
Lawrence Islands (Vic.) see Lawrence Rock (Vic.)
Lewin, John William, 1770-1819 see Lewin, J.W. (John William), 1770-1819
Linnaeus, Carolus, 1707-1778 see Linne, Carl von (Carolus Linnaeus), 1707-1778
Lyle, Daniel see Lye, Daniel


Magellan, John Hyacinth de, 1723-1790 see Magalhaens, Jean Hyacinthe de, 1723-1790
Manangle (N.S.W.) see Menangle (N.S.W.)
Marion du Fresne, Marie, d. 1772 see Marion du Fresne, Marc-Joseph, d. 1772
Marion du Fresne, Marc-Mace, d. 1772 see Marion du Fresne, Marc-Joesph, d. 1772
Middleton, Charles, 1st Baron Barham, 1726-1813 see Barham, Charles Middleton, 1st Baron, 1726-1813
Mimosa family (plants) see Mimosaceae
Montagu, John, 4th Earl of Sandwich, 1718-1792 see Sandwich, John Montagu, 4th Earl of, 1718-1792


Navigators Islands see Samoa
Nelson, Horatio, Viscount Nelson, 1758 -1805 see Nelson, Horatio Nelson, Viscount and Duke of Bronte, 1758 -1805
New Holland see Australia
New South Wales. Colonial Secretary see New South Wales. Colonial Secretary's Office
New South Wales - Law see Law - New South Wales


Oatouro see Ahutoru
Oceanians see Pacific Islanders
O'Connell, Mary see also Putland, Mary
Osborne, Francis, 5th Duke of Leeds see Leeds, Francis Osborne, 5th Duke of
Otaheite see Tahiti
Otoo, King of Tahiti, 1743-1803 see Pomare I, King of Tahiti, 1743-1803
Oxley, John Joseph William Molesworth, 1783-1828 see Oxley, John, 1783-1828


Phipps, Henry, Sir, 1st Earl and 3rd Baron Mulgrave, 1755-1831 see Mulgrave, Sir Henry Phipps, 1st Earl of and 3rd Baron, 1755 - 1831
Pelham, Charles Anderson, 1st Baron Yarborough, 1748-1823 see Yarborough, Charles Anderson Pelham, 1st Baron, 1748-1823
Percy, Hugh, Sir, Duke of Northumberland, 1742-1817 see Northumberland, Sir Hugh Percy, Duke of, 1742-1817
Port Dalrymple (Tas.) see Launceston (Tas.)
Possums, Australasian see Phalangeridae
Preservation of animals see Animal preservation
Preservation of food see Food preservation
Preservation of vegetables see Vegetable preservation
Putland, Mary see also O'connell, Mary


Redden, Solomon see Reading, Solomon
Redunder Island (Vic.) see Rodondo Island (Vic.)
Rose Hill (N.S.W.) see Parramatta (N.S.W.)
Rum trade see Alcohol trade


Sandwich Islands see Hawaii
Scott, William, Sir, Baron Stowell, 1745-1836 see Stowell, Sir William Scott, Baron, 1745-1836
She oak see Casuarina
Sheep breeds see Leicestershire sheep
Lincolnshire sheep
Merino sheep
South Down sheep
Shire, John, Sir, 1st Baron Teignmouth, 1751-1834 see Teignmouth, Sir John Shore, 1st Baron, 1751-1834
Sir Charles Middletons Shoal see Middleton Reef
Sir Roger Curtis Island (Vic.) see Curtis Island (Vic.)
Stuart, John, 3rd Earl of Bute, 1713-1792 see Bute, John Stuart, 3rd Earl of, 1713-1792
Smith, Alexander, 1764-1829 see also Adams, John, 1764-1829
Smoaky Cape (N.S.W.) see Smoky Cape (N.S.W.)
South Seas see Oceania
Spirits see Alcohol
Stewart, Robert, Viscount Castlereagh, 1762-1822 see Castlereagh, Robert Stewart, Viscount, 1762-1822
Stuart, John, 3rd Earl of Bute, 1713-1792 see Bute, John Stuart, 3rd Earl of, 1713-1792
Stills see Distillation apparatus


Tapiooe, South Sea Islander, b. 1767? see Tapeooe, South Sea Islander, b. 1767?
Tasmanian tiger see Thylacine
Tea trees see Melaluca
Thynne, Thomas, 3rd Viscount Weymouth and 1st Marquis of Bath, 1734-1793 see Weymouth, Thomas Thynne, 3rd Viscount and 1st Marquis of Bath, 1734-1793
Townshend, Thomas, Viscount Sydney, 1733-1800 see Sydney, Thomas Townshend, Viscount, 1733-1800
Trade see Commerce
Transportation of convicts see also Convict ships
Trench, Richard Le Poer, 2nd Earl of Clancarty, 1767-1837 see Clancarty, Richard Le Poer Trench, 2nd Earl of, 1767-1837
Trial by jury see Jury
Trial evidence see Evidence (law)


Van Diemen's Land see Tasmania


Wyndham, William, 1st Baron Grenville, 1759 -1834 see Grenville, William Wyndham, 1st Baron, 1759-1834